We build unique ideas into successful businesses

We are a startup studio based in Amsterdam. And we help you build your idea into a successful business in 12 weeks.

We ❤️ products

We partner with founders to create and scale their business. We love to create products together with passionate and skilled talents.

  1. Idea (1-10 days)

  2. Create (12 weeks)

  3. Grow (1 year)

  1. Do you have a great idea, ready to move forward but you don't know how? We are here to help you.

  2. Within 12 weeks we turn your idea into a working business. We help with everything that needs to be done, from design to coding to marketing and business development.

  3. As a partner we're in it for the long haul. After the 12 weeks we stay active in the startup as partners to help you grow.

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We strongly value partnerships. This is the way we believe is the best way to work. As such, we need to love your product - and you for a bit as well for that matter. Below are some successful businesses we believed in and who believed in us.

About us

We are Sander and Paul, founders of The Main Ingredient. Together with our team of remarkable people we have a passion for innovative digital products. As a team we build, experiment, analyse, debate and we never ever stop challenging each other. We’ve seen a lot ideas come through our door and we’re eager to see a lot more. With every startup; our knowledge about the startup landscape expands and we get to know even more exceptional people along the way. As a larger portion of startups begin to reach out to us, the TMI brand grows and we can’t wait what the future will bring us.