How to go from plain idea to a full-blown company? At The Main Ingredient we launch new initiatives as independent startup or corporate venture. Hands-on & all-in. Our Scan.Build.Grow. approach guides a company through the different phases.

The Office

Who we work with


We can be your hero sparring partners, solution-finders, co-founders. Working together to get your company up to speed and into the orbit. You can see how well that turned out for Returnista and Ligo.

Corporate Ventures

Innovation is what keeps you ahead of competition. We’re here to help you stay on top by bridging the gap between startups and corporates. Find out how respected companies benefit from corporate ventures like Tikkie and Trusty.


No matter how good your idea sounds, it might actually be sh*t. Or at least, in the form you’re thinking of now. We can help to critically review, criticize and debate over the idea you want to build a company from. To find what it should be. And maybe more importantly, what it should not be.

You’ll be surprised to learn how many companies skip this critical step. The effort of validation in an early stage saves headaches and prevents money-wasting, no doubt.

So, now we’re clear on what the exact problem is, would solving this problem be worth time and money? In other words: your Problem-Market fit. ‘Get out of the building’ and find out who exactly is waiting for this. Iteratively, we start with low-fidelity prototypes to understand which possible solutions resonate.

We believe in venturing. Grabbing the beast by its horns together. If you’re just looking for consultants, not here. We get our hands dirty. It’s why we know what an entrepreneur needs. Our experience in design thinking, prototyping and as entrepreneurs help a great deal.

Startup Audit™ - 1 day Find out whether an idea is viable to start a company from. > Get in touch to learn more.

Startup Scan™ - 5 days Find out which solutions resonate with which audience. A solution sprint in a pressure cooker format. > Get in touch to find out more.


The first dedicated team comes to life by putting your best and our best people together. Their first mission is to determine Problem-Solution fit in an efficient workflow. It means translating the solution worth solving into a product worth using. Stop and read that again, very important sentence.

This is where we design and build multiple high-fidelity prototypes - with no bias for a specific technology or medium. We will ‘get out of the building’ again to ask if and why a prototype resonates. Then throw away and build more.

We keep validating different products with real users until we find it: a product worth using on which we can keep building. The first revenue flows in.


With a working product in place, full steam ahead! The holy grail in growth is Product-Market fit. It’s offering your product to the group of people who need it and this group is big enough for sustainable growth.