You've been there, being the one paying the bill at the end of the night in the bar or being the one that orders that gift on behalf of a group of friends. People find it embarrassing or hard to ask for getting their money back, and especially: to need to keep reminding friends to pay their share.

What is tikkie?

Tikkie helps you with asking your friends for a return payment, without all the regular hassle. Tikkie makes it simple and fun, by making it possible to send your friends a request via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger, to name a few. The app, available on Android and iOS, is open to everybody with a Dutch bank account. It doesn't matter if you are a ING, Rabobank or KNAB customer. Plus, you only need the app when you issue a request. The one who pays does not need the app, that can be done from any web browser.

Our role

We helped the team of ABN AMRO to first focus on the absolute core of the product. Along with that we identified the target audience and created with the team the simplest possible version of the product and started validating from the very start. This resulted in having a fully functional app up and running after 2 weeks.

With that version our group of test users was already able to send a request via WhatsApp to a friend. People were amazed we could realize this and we made quite a number of people smile doing so :)

The power of our approach is that it enables the (awesome) team to get out of the building and talk to users, giving them a real product. Not just a neatly designed prototype or questionnaire. We were very keen on finding and talking to possible future users and asking them for real and honest feedback. Iteratively we made sure we together created Tikkie in the right way, helping users in the best way possible and validated and learned along the way.

The result is a very simple app. People say it's almost too simple and good to be true. How cool is that.

Get the app!

If you aren't a user already, download the app from your favorite store below. It will take you just 1 minute after download to set it up and start sending requests.

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Tikkie iphone

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