The best way to improve return processes of online sales is Returnista. Through their on-demand return service customers plan their packages to be picked up when and where they want. The Returnista service leads to higher customer happiness and turns returns into new sales.



Webshop return processes can take up a lot of time for customers and are often considered a pain. Since 30% of all products are being returned (in fashion) it has become an important part of the business. Research shows that a better return experience leads to higher conversion and repeat purchases for e-tailers. With Returnista e-tailers will have a fast, simple and efficient way of returning products, creating customers for life.

How does it work?

Returnista picks up the products where and when customers want. They offer an on-demand pick-up service for returning goods within the timeframe as small as 30 minutes.The customer gets redirected via the webshop's return page to the Returnista portal to plan a timeslot and location. This page can be completely designed in line with the company's brand identity (logo, colour scheme and tone-of-voice).

Returnista's on-demand inner-city pick-ups are performed by bicycle or on foot, greatly contributing to the reduction in pollution and congestion. Furthermore, their software allows e-tailers to easily track data on product returns and compare relative return-product performance. Combining data insights with an on-demand logistics return service allows Returnista to provide a next generation shopping experience for both consumers as well as e-tailers.

How returnista
Returnista courier

Returnista offers seamless integration with the following platforms:

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